CapSim Review

CapSim Review. CapSim Review. This week you are preparing a PowerPoint presentation of 5 to 6 slides that describes the progression of your Capsim company during Competitive Rounds 1 through 3. Your audience consists of new members for your firm’s board of directors, and the presentation is intended to bring them quickly up to speed. You will want to cover these topics in the notes section under each of your slides: Your product – where did you position your product? Why? What is the outcome of your decision?Refer to Foundation FastTrack, especially the sections on Low Tech segment, High Tech segment, and perceptual map. Production analysis – how did you decide on the amount of product to produce? What was your reasoning? Did your calculations work? Refer to Foundation FastTrack, especially the sections on R&D, capacity, etc. Market segmentation – how did you decide what to spend on marketing? What numbers on the report led you to make this decision? Refer to Foundation FastTrack, especially the sections on market segmentation, Low Tech segment, High Tech segment, and others as needed. Financial analysis – how did you decide how much to raise in funding? How did you decide to sell stock, take loans or sell bonds? Did you raise enough? What is your credit rating and why? Refer to Foundation FastTrack, especially the sections on stock market analysis, bond market analysis, and financial summary. Use bullet points (talking points), graphs/charts, and images in the slides. Use the notes section to write out what you would say if you were giving this presentation. Note that the audience cannot see your notes, so references need to go on the slides.

CapSim is a simulation game on running an entire business with 4 departments, Research & Development, Marketing, Productions and Finance. The product we are making are sensors. Each round is 1 year of the business. My business name is Andrews all others are my competitors. My products are Able and A_Paxton. Attached are the reports for Rounds 0-3


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CapSim Review

CapSim Review

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