Cancer cell lines

Cancer cell lines. Cancer cell lines. Part 1 (2 sides of A4): I have to start writing the lab notebook for the project but before I start writing the day to day activities I need you

To write the background information, the concepts, definitions and ideas you already know and understand about this topic. You also need to provide the purpose of why you are doing this lab. (2 sides of A4)

Note: I am currently doing cell culturing following the procedure attached. I am nearly done with cell culturing and need to start the micronucleus assay in a week or so.

Part 2:

Then you have to write further two page assuming that I have done with the cell culturing. I have done 4 passages (splitting cells) so far in the lab and next week I will start split the cells again before starting the micronucleus using the cytochalasan B. Also note that I have not worked with MCF10 yet. I am only working on MCF7 for now. After finishing each method/assay they want us to write the following.

Explanation of the rationale, interpretation of outcome and implications for future work for each experiment or piece of research.

Criteria for writing (provided by uni): At appropriate intervals, you should explain why you have done each piece of work and what you expected it to show. For experimental runs you should state what you think your results mean and how they will affect your next step. These explanations should provide a record for us to assess your thinking and development of the project as a piece of individual work. The mark you receive will be based on quality and originality of YOUR thinking and may be reduced if the ideas are largely your supervisor’s.


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Cancer cell lines

Cancer cell lines

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