Caligula Method or Madness

Caligula Method or Madness. Caligula Method or Madness. Describe in detail the more bizarre actions and attitudes of the Emperor Gaius and discuss possible rational motives behind them. What was he trying to prove? Focus on examples of Caligula’s treatment of aristocrats, senators, knights, and the army. Please use the following book: Suet.; Boatwright; see works of Balsdon and Momigliano cited in Boatwright.

Write a 5-page paper on one of the following themes, documenting your argument with page references to the appropriate primary sources (i.e., Suet. Calig. p. 239; Tac. Ann. p. 44, etc.). Papers without page references obtain ZERO grade value.

Know these requirements: When to cite an ancient/modern source?
· When using direct quotations –
· Any mention of an author by name – paraphrasing
· Any point that is important to your argument

When to cite secondary vs. primary sources?
Ø When there are contradictory details in the source tradition
Ø When it is necessary to interpret primary source information

You can put the references in footnotes or simply in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. For example, Suetonius shows that Caligula became demented (Suet. Calig. P.112). You can also abbreviate the names of the sources, so long as your abbreviations are self evident and consistent (e.g., Pluto. for Plutarch). Be sure to italicize your text quotations or to put them in quotations.

Three places requiring page citations:
· Any mention of an Author by name

· All Direct quotations

· Any documented detail crucial to your argument

You must build a coherent argument and document evidence to support it. When suitable, support your argument using quotations from the primary source texts. Let the evidence speak for itself.

There is no upper page limit to the length of the paper. Generally, we have found that the assignment can be done in 5 double-spaced pages. If it takes longer, we will read it. Complete the argument, follow the paper trail, and cite the evidence. Length of paper is not the issue.


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Caligula Method or Madness

Caligula Method or Madness

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