Business questions

Business questions. Business questions. Below paper questions must demonstrate mastery of the content areas at the level required for the doctoral degree.

The following instructions relate to the content required for the answers, and to the form and style required for submission of your paper. Excerpts from a Doctoral work for comprehensive written examination are included to illustrate form

and style requirements only.



The answers should demonstrate the ability to apply many of the theoretical concepts learned in previous courses.

For each answer, it is expected that you will include five to ten current references from primary sources, such as professional journals and publications to support your responses.

Textbooks may be useful as you begin to conceptualize your answer. However, because the material in textbooks may be dated and limited in depth, this material cannot be used as the only source material to support your response.

Use a standard essay format, and use examples based on your professional experience supported by citations of scholarly references.

When citing your sources, you must use APA format (author, date). Guides describing APA formatting are available online and at college and university bookstores.

Include a Reference page following each question with the full reference for each citation.

Generally responses to each question range between ten to fouteen pages each (double-spaced manuscript).



All responses must conform to the following form and style requirements:

Double-space your answers and format your work using the attached example as a guide.

State each question in bold type before writing your response.

Use a standard font and a 12-point type size.

Prepare a Table of Contents using the attached model as a guide

The work must be submitted in a professional manner.




The paper consists of six questions



How does a company strategically change from a traditional marketing approach to

customer targeted marketing?

As Vice President of Marketing, please explain to your sales team why it is necessary that your company change from a traditional marketing approach to customer targeted marketing. Also, explain how you will change your company from a traditional marketing approach to customer targeted marketing.

Since organizational change is always difficult, provide a rationale to your team for the need to change. Include a description of the most important differences between

traditional marketing to customer targeted marketing, and explain why those differences are importance.



You are interviewing with the CEO of a major corporation for the position of Human

Resource Manager. Describe your vision of the role of human resources in the

organization and describe how you would manage workplace diversity and employee

motivation (including gain-sharing and compensation), and continue merit-based




The real challenge of organizational behavior and development lies in the opportunity to manage uncertainty, change, conflict, and other complexities of organizational life that we each experience as a participant in a contemporary organization.

As the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company, describe the organizational

tools that you have available to you to attune your organization, such as the use of the contingency approach, content and process theories participative management, building effective groups, organizational structure, etc. Provide concrete examples of how you would use these organizational tools.



Management has formulated a company-side strategic plan defining specific objectives for the new information systems being introduced. Describe how you would develop the operational basis for meeting these strategic objectives. Discuss both the means to maximize the potential of the new systems and also the means to minimize the negative impact of the technology.



As “citizens” of the world, multinational corporations have an obligation to abide by the local laws of the host culture and meet or exceed overall ethical standards. As an international consultant you have thirty minutes to talk to the CEO of a company

preparing to do business in developing countries. Outline the most important “facts-oflife” you would explain to the CEO and the rationale for your selection of the specific facts you decided to emphasize.



You are the CEO of a manufacturing company that has just won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. What were the two most significant management criteria in the award that challenged your company the most and why? What lessons did your organization learn from your decision to enter the competition and the process of competing?



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Business questions

Business questions

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