Business Proposals For Honduras

Business Proposals For Honduras. Business Proposals For Honduras. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TERM PAPER: This assignment involves making a clear and logical international business proposition. A list of possible topics will be provided. The proposal topic must be previously approved by the instructor before going ahead on the research. Students will explore the topic in reference to assigned countries. The Term Paper will be developed through a process of drafts that build on provided analysis and feedback. The paper should be at least 5 pages (no more than 7), typed, double spaced, with a cover page, and a list of sources cited (your references).
TOPICS: Exporting, Importing, Outsourcing, Off-Shoring, Licensing, Franchising, Foreign Direct Investment FDI, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Greenfield Investments, Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, Acquisitions.
All good papers, presentations, or arguments have the following format: introduction that builds to a supposed thesis, reasons why the thesis is true, and a conclusion restating the thesis. 
In your paper, underline the thesis and put the main arguments in italics. Do keep in mind that in your paper as opposed to this example you do NOT say, “I think” or use any other personal pronoun (I or me)! The reader knows it is your opinion. 

The final version will therefore be organized as follows: 


In your own words summarize the main characteristics of your assigned country, that should include : 
Name of the country:
Neighboring countries:
Territorial size of the country:
Size of the Population:
Type of Political System:
Who is the Prime Minister, President?
What political party is in power?
Derivation of the form of law: Common, civil, other.
How would you classify its economic system?
What are the GNI and the GNI per capita PPP?
Major Natural Resources:
What major products are exported and to which countries?
What are the major imports and from which countries?
Member of what economic integration organizations:
Name of the currency:
Is it freely exchanged?

Suggested places to start: , & 

Part II. BUSINESS PROPOSITION: things like “Outsourcing is good” or “Offshoring is bad” or “FDI leads to economic growth” or “Russia is ripe for foreign investment” or “India has changed its laws to increase entrepreneurship.” Your thesis must be approved by the instructor.

Part III. EVIDENCE: Outline three reasons and the evidence for your conclusion. Site your sources. Include in your evidence at least one article from a newspaper/media source in the country you have been assigned. Do not use the following sources for your local media source: AP, UPI, Financial Times, New York Times, WSJ (all editions), Deutsche Welle, Kyodo, Bloomberg, International Herald Tribune or CNN, unless you cannot find an English-language article and have your instructor’s approval. Critically evaluate the sources as to coverage and potential bias.

Suggested international newspaper directory websites: , 
(Your grade will be withheld unless the article is attached.)

Part IV: CONCLUSIONS: Show that your thesis has been proved.

INDIVIDUAL COUNTRY PRESENTATIONS: At the end of the semester, each student will do a short, 5-minute presentation about the country that they researched for their term papers. Students will start with a brief overview of the country and then share with the class the three most interesting things that they learned.


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Business Proposals For Honduras

Business Proposals For Honduras

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