Business Law– Read the instructions carefully

Business Law– Read the instructions carefully. Business Law– Read the instructions carefully. This is for BUSINESS LAW!!!! READ INSTRUCTIONS and ATTACHMENTS CAREFULLY. You are to use 6.1-10.2, Part_6_handbook, and Part 8 template for writing guides and instructions.
Business entity: LLC
Business type: Business Consulting Firm
Location: United States of America in OMAHA, NE ( do not write on any other country or state.

Please ensure to follow each section instruction and include the section at the start of each page/area: Please do not delete the sections or module numbers and follow the guidelines as it clearly states. All items should be in conjunction with OMAHA, NE United States LAW. DO NOT DEVIATE. Also for the handbook section please ensure that it is following guidelines for business entity LLC for business type Business Consulting Firm which targets under served Blacks in the North Omaha, NE community in the United States.
The business name is D’Fiant One which needs a trade mark for it’s name. The companies focuses on assisting with start up businesses, business plans, networking resources, and financial budgeting for North Omaha under served black community in the United States of America .

Again please pay close attention to each section which is highlighted in red. Please ensure that you are address all questions as they pertain to a business consultant firm.
7.1 section:
7-10 PPT slide on Nebraska Unemployment Compensation. DO NOT DEVIATE and a paper of 3pgs

7.2 (1.5 pgs)

6.1 (2pgs)
6.2 (1pg)
8.1 (1.5 pgs)
9.1 (2pgs)
9.2 (1pg)
10.1 (1.5 pgs)
10.2 (1 pg)

Part 8: Legal Issues Business Plan Section Summary (3.5 pgs)
see other attachments (LA 5.1 Lease Neg, LA 5.2 NDA, Mods4-5, Part 1a Business entity)

Part 6 ( remainder pgs for the employee handbook)
Please ensure ALL source are pertaining to the United States of America and the state of NEBRASKA, City: OMAHA. DO NOT provide sources or write regarding any other country ( NO OTHER COUNTRY or STATE may be used)! PLEASE FOLLOW GUIDELINES provided. The business is BUSINESS CONSULTING ( do not write on any other business where questions applicable.)


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Business Law– Read the instructions carefully

Business Law– Read the instructions carefully

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