Business Intelligence System

Business Intelligence System. Business Intelligence System. Propose a Business Intelligence System:
You are an IT project manager at LECAL Cruises, Inc. Your company owns 10 cruise ships but hopes to increase their fleet in the next five years through increased bookings, improved destinations and on-shore excursions, and more on-board amenities.
LECAL’s ships currently have between 500 and 2,000 passenger capacities. They are looking to build two new ships in the next five years but are unsure of the best size.
Recently, there have been some problems with engine room fires and temporary loss of power on cruises, and LECAL is concerned about the harm these incidents may have done to their reputation in the industry. They suspect that postings on Facebook and Twitter, as well as online blogs, may provide evidence of what past cruise passengers are saying to others about their positive and negative experiences.
Your company has five legacy systems that have a 10-year history of:
1. past bookings from passengers
2. past on-shore excursions
3. records of on-board entertainment and sales
4. records of LECAL employees serving as both on-board staff from captain to dishwasher and support staff at the headquarters office. 
LECAL attempted to create a data warehouse a few years ago, but the project failed miserably. Your upper management now wants to create a business intelligence system that would best serve their needs. They are unsure if a data warehouse would be best, a business analytics system for big data would be better, or perhaps a combination of both. They have no clue as to what the required inputs to a business intelligence system may be or what the best outputs would be to achieve their goal of a 50% increase in revenue in the next five years.
They have tasked you to create a detailed proposal for a comprehensive business intelligence system to meet their strategic goal. The initial phase of the project must start producing actionable intelligence in six months, and then most of the system is to be in place in the next year. It is anticipated that the system will constantly evolve over time to process additional inputs and produce different types of outputs.
For your portfolio assignment, submit a proposal for a business intelligence system for LECAL. Determine the best strategy for input data, processing types, and output reporting.

My Outline Portfolio Project: A Business Intelligence System
I. Overview of what we know about LECAL and Overview of the cruise line market.
a. LECAL Info provided in Portfolio Project Plan
b. Researched Overview of Cruise Line Industries
c. Identifying revenue areas (Casino, Bar, Excursions, SPA, Special Dining, Gift Shop, Photography, etc) 
d. Identify cost areas (Fuel, Salaries, Supplies, Port Charges)
e. Small competitive analysis of the competition (Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean) 

II. Overview of the data that we have for LECAL’s 10 Year History – Hypothetical Break Down of Data
a. Past Booking from passengers
b. Past on-shore excursions
c. Records of on-board entertainment sales
d. Records of LECAL employees onboard staff and corporate staff

III. Overview of the impact of recent fires and power loss
a. Negative Reviews and Image
b. Has the recent data collected showed decreased sentiment towards the brand?
c. Opportunity for Sales and Marketing

IV. Overview or Managements requirements for deploying a new BI System
a. Objectives/Goals
b. Business Drivers
c. Desired Results/Accomplishments
d. Challenges
e. ROI
f. Implementation, training, and adoption

V. Overview of BI systems Data Wear-house and Business Analysis Big Data Systems and Hybrids
a. Detailed info, Defining and Break down purpose and benefits each of the 3 types

VI. Overview of which BI System best fulfills LECALs needs and why
a. TBD

VII. Formal Proposal of BI System for LECAL
a. Use coursework lessons
b. Include defined strategy for input data, processing, and output reporting
c. Meet LECAL’s Objectives/Goals
d. Meeting LECAL’s needs and producing actionable intelligence within 6 months, most of system to be in-place within a year, evolving overtime to process additional input and different types of output.

VIII. Conclusion
a. TBD

IX. References
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Business Intelligence System

Business Intelligence System

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