Business Concepts

Business Concepts. Business Concepts. Subject/Discipline: Business and Management (I chose economics because i couldn’t find Business and Management)

Business Concepts #2

Create a Post-
Follow these seven steps:

Choose a business organization of interest. Find a ‘current’ business article(s) (i.e., published within the last 12 months) relating to this organization and the topics we have recently studied (e.g. “Stakeholders” and “External Environment”). Simply search within your favorite business news or company website. Look for articles that address specific business organizations. Ideally, you will want to find articles for this ongoing activity that relate to the same one or two businesses.

Include a link to any relevant article(s) in your post.

Summarize the article(s) by identifying the context and the issues raised.

Explain how the issues raised in the news article(s) relate to at least one of the six business concepts. As you will recall, the six business concepts were introduced to you in Week 1 and consist of change, culture, ethics, globalization, innovation and strategy.

Apply the business tools, techniques and/or theories that might be appropriate for understanding the issues raised in the news article. For example, an article about a for-profit company may allow you to address the pros and cons of this form of ownership.

Discuss and, if appropriate, recommend solutions to the issues raised. Justify your arguments by presenting reasonable evidence or other support for the claims made. Consider the perspectives of multiple individuals or groups (i.e., stakeholders).

Submit your finished post to this assignment.


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Business Concepts

Business Concepts

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