Buildings 56 and 57 RMIT University Simulated Tender Bid Report

Buildings 56 and 57 RMIT University Simulated Tender Bid Report. Buildings 56 and 57 RMIT University Simulated Tender Bid Report. Client design brief for Minor Works/Refurbishment to Buildings 56 and 57 RMIT University has a program of minor and refurbishment projects scheduled for 2016 with a value of under $10,000,000 which have to be documented for competitive tendering by qualified contractors for the project. The project is proposed to be completed in 12 months. The overall scope of works to be proposed will be for mechanical electrical plumbing (MEP) services.
All works will have to comply to meet Australian codes and Building Code of Australia.
It is to be noted that Building Code of Australia (BCA) is Volumes One and Two of the National Construction Code (NCC). The BCA is produced and maintained by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on behalf of the Australian Government and State and Territory Governments. The BCA has been given the status of building regulation by all States and Territories.
MEP Services Proposal by Engineering Contractors/Suppliers
It is the University’s policy to engage qualified engineering contractors/suppliers to meet specific discipline objectives to complete a program of minor works/refurbishment for the full scope of their areas of expertise for buildings 56 and 57.
Recommended link for students to obtain information on floor plans for buildings 56 and 57 is as follows: *****
Students can click on “Room enquiry” to navigate to floor plans. The following stages of works are recommended to be included in the tender bid submission:
a) Stage 1: Brief design development description with schematics
b) Stage 2: Contract documentation with cost breakdown and timeline schedules
c) Stage 3: Contract administration during construction and post construction that includes project closing

The project documentation that you need to provide will include:
1. Business case

2. Project definition (or Project Brief)

3. Project planning:
a. Definition of project responsibilities/ key positions in organization
b. Gantt chart
c. Cost estimation
d. Risk assessment
e. Communication and reporting schedules

4. Implementation guidelines

5. Definition of conditions and processes of the project’s deployment and closing

Content Using the specific discipline of your organization, prepare a project report to illustrate your understanding of a project. The project selected and all relevant details shall be agreed after due consultation with your group members.

Your report content layout shall follow the marking guide as shown in part 4 of this document


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Buildings 56 and 57 RMIT University Simulated Tender Bid Report

Buildings 56 and 57 RMIT University Simulated Tender Bid Report

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