Brownfields. Brownfields. Write and submit a report, with a discussion section of about 5 pages of double-spaced text, and with images or diagrams, if appropriate, explaining how, in your opinion, the component of PlaNYC discussed in your assigned chapter should be implemented, with an emphasis on how it relates to energy. In addition to the 5- page discussion section, include a title page with your name, student ID, and the title of your assigned chapter. At the end of the report, include a page with a list of at least 3 references that you consulted in addition to PlaNYC, in order to develop ideas for your report.
The ideas you present in your discussion section may take into account how energy efficiency, sustainability, environmental effects, consumption, and production relate to the topic of your assigned chapter. It should consider how energy production or use affects your component of the plan, and how your component of the plan requires or affects energy use. Keep in mind the possible impacts that climate change may have on the functions discussed in your assigned chapter, and how these impacts can be mitigated.
Include, in your report:
 A title page with your name, ID, and the name of your assigned chapter
 Content (about 5 pages, double-spaced, of the following):
o an introductory abstract
o text
o diagrams, charts, or illustrations, if appropriate
o citations of references to facts within the discussion section (any clear format is OK)
 On an additional page: a List of References cited in the discussion section (at least 3 references in addition to PlaNYC). Any clear format for listing of the references is acceptable.
PlaNYC Chapters
Your report needs to be based on both your individually assigned chapter and the PlaNYC Energy chapter. Therefore, you need to consider, in your report, how your assigned chapter relates to issues that pertain to energy, and how you can improve upon the ideas presented by your assigned PlaNYC chapter.
Examples of How Energy Might Relate to Selected PlaNYC Chapters
How energy is needed in the implementation and for the sustainability of your assigned component of the plan
 Example: energy is needed for building and operating mass transportation systems.
 Processing of solid waste requires energy, but energy can also be derived from the waste.
 Energy is needed for sewage treatment along the waterways.
How environmental effects of energy production and use might relate to or impact your assigned component
 Example: In response to sea level rise caused by climate change, power plants could be moved to higher ground.
 Example: Burning of oil for heating buildings can affect air quality.
 Example: without proper regulation, fracking in upstate New York might impact the quality of
New York City’s water supply.
How efficient and sustainable energy use practices can be advanced by, or can be applied to applied
to, the implementation of your component of the plan.
 Example: Discouraging the development of high density housing and neighborhoods in low- lying areas, in favor of more elevated areas, would result in reduced need for rebuilding, which uses energy, after a major storm surge.
 Example: Parks and public space, such as the High Line, can encourage people to walk to destinations instead of using more energy-intensive modes of transportation.
 Example: Brownfields could potentially be used as a site for new electric production facilities.
 Example: Waterways might be appropriate sites for tidal and wind energy facilities, and for
new mass transit ferry lines.
 Example: Solid waste can be partially converted to methane for energy production.
 Housing and Neighborhoods, with a stock of buildings that are well insulated and energy efficient, can help us conserve energy.
The above examples are intended to get you started. While planning and writing your report, you should consider additional ways in which energy relates to your assigned PlaNYC component.
Use your imagination and creativity, and feel free to discuss your ideas with other people.


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