Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain. Brokeback Mountain. For next week please read "Brokeback Mountain" and begin research for your final paper. You are to bring in four pieces of research you’ve gotten through the databases you’ve been introduced to by the SFCM librarian. You do not need to have read through the research entirely, but whatever you choose should be suitable to examine for your paper. Please print the first page of each one. Primary sources (letters the author wrote or interviews with the author that refer to the text in question) and secondary sources (articles written about the text) are both acceptable.

We will begin class by going around and briefly discussing the articles you’ve been finding and then we will transition into our discussion of "Brokeback Mountain."

Final Research Paper
Due: Wednesday 5/10 no later than 5pm emailed to me and Matthew Slayton <>. Late papers will not be accepted. Failing to turn in or plagiarizing this paper will result in failing the course.
Style: For this paper, grammar and structure will be assessed in addition to content. For those of you with grammar issues, it would benefit you to meet with a tutor at the SAEC before turning your paper in.
Length: 10 pages
Format: Double-spaced, size 12, 1-1.25 inch margins, stapled, with a date, title, and your name
Citations: Use parenthetical citations as well as a Chicago-style bibliography

For this paper you are free to choose your own topic as long as you run it by me first. The following topics are suggestions to get you started, but they are by no means your only options.

Additionally, I have attached a PDF on primary and secondary sources as well as the grading rubric that will be used. It is extracted from Dr. Hohmann’s Western Civ class. We will be using the same standards and it would benefit you to read through them to fully understand what is expected of you.

Some suggested topic choices:

"A Country Doctor" is among Kafka’s more enigmatic works. Present your own critical interpretation using various sources to support your claims.

In what way does Kafka’s "A Hunger Artist" explore what it means to be an artist? Explore what the hunger artist might represent and how Marina Abromivić is also a "hunger artist."

"In the Penal Colony" is in many ways an examination of power and punishment in a world that is moving forward. In what ways was this piece relevant during Kafka’s time as well as today?

In what way does "Brokeback Mountain" explore masculinity?

Examine Proulx’s use of landscape in "Brokeback Mountain."

Let me know if you have any questions at all.


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Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain

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