British Literature Assignment

British Literature Assignment. British Literature Assignment. ENGL 211a – Fall 2015

British Literature I

Take-Home Midterm

Dr. Alan Hickman


For the midterm, you will write on of the following tasks:

  1. Imagine that you have been hired to direct a film version of any one of the works on our syllabus (through Week 8). Where would you film? Who would star? What plot elements would you leave in and what plot elements would you take out? In what time period would you set the film? Etc. [Write no more than one page, or 250-300 words.]


  1. Write a one-page (250-300 word) essay on one of the following themes in Twelfth Night: cross-gendering, twins, love, or appearance versus reality. You may mention other themes, but your focus should be on only one.


Special Instructions:

  • This is a typed assignment
  • Place a heading and header at the top of the page
  • You don’t need titles, but number your responses (I, II, III) as above.
  • Format according to my handout entitled “Formatting Your Essay”
  • If you use any outside sources, document them according to MLA Style
  • Observe the conventions of writing about literature (see my handout)
  • The Midterm is due in class on Nov. 16





*Note: If you write a quiz on Canterbury Tales, you may write on one tale or any combination of tales.


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British Literature Assignment

British Literature Assignment

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