brainstorm. brainstorm. By two sources, I mean the novel “Double Indemnity” and “Red Wind.” no other sources are needed. The attachment is my last order. I would like to ask for the same writer if possible. And the new essay can be written based on the attachment. For each of the following, write a detailed ~paragraph that includes any relevant quotes from the source material. 1.Begin by revising your definition of anti-hero in a way that better conforms to the characters of John Dalmas and Walter Huff. Your definition should be broad enough to capture both characters but also specific enough to differentiate them from more typical kinds of heroes. Be as specific as you can. Don’t rely on the overly simplistic formula of these guys are “flawed” therefore they are anti-heroes. What is it that these characters want? What drives their actions? What are the obstacles that get in their way (internal and external)? 2.How do you think these characters are/were judged by their readers? What are the qualities and actions of these characters that readers might find admirable or at least sympathetic? What are the qualities and actions that they might disapprove of? How might readers act differently (or exactly the same) if they were in these characters shoes? 3.What do these narrators (Huff and Dalmas) have to say about the world around them? What are their feelings about Los Angeles and the people who live there? 4.What do you think these authors meant to communicate to readers through these characters? Through Walter’s death? Through Dalmas’s ongoing disillusionment? Through their pain? Their humor? Their intelligence and charm? Their relationships with women?


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