Book/movie review

Book/movie review. Book/movie review. Find a poem, story, play, or literary selection that you either really like or dislike FROM ONE OF YOUR BOOKS, Volumes A, B, or C. Then, imitate the poet’s style and use similar elements, such as symbolism, imagery, rhythm, stanza form, and/or line structure (how the sentences fit into lines and stanzas). You may update the subject and use appropriate modern English. There are three parts to this assignment.

A. Introduce your selection from one the required books and tell me why the selection was a source of inspiration for your original creative work. Tell me what elements were found in the selection and what you intend to use in your creation.

B. THEN, create your own literary piece based on specific elements found in the literary work.

C. FINALLY, interpret your creation for your audience so that the “true meaning” will not be lost on future generations after you become famous or infamous as the case may be.

NOTE: You may update the language to modernize your creation, create your unique rhyme (or lack thereof), and even change the perspective. A good example is Sir Phillip Sidney who was inspired to write Astrophil and Stella after following in love with a married woman. He based his poem on the Italian sonnet and Petrarchan theme which was popular during the middle ages, conceits, and oxymoron. So, you might use the Italian sonnet form to write from a 21st century viewpoint of unrequited love


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Book/movie review

Book/movie review

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