Bloomberg Calendar

Bloomberg Calendar. Bloomberg Calendar. Visit the Bloomberg economic calendar ( )and look at the week just ended. This will bring up a whole slew of different economic activities for the whole week (through Friday) and choose one or two economic activities, and comment as to what was expected and what actually resulted. 

Find out what is going on and how it relates to the economy, and “support” your opinion with economic related research. You should be able to do this by doing a simple Bing or Google Scholar search.

Make sure that you address:
1.What was expected vs. What happened?

2.How do the event/results impact the current economy and the job market? You may need to look at historic data, comparing the indicator to recent months or the same month in recent years, for example, and/or you may need to look at other economic indicators and figure out how the data your looking at fits into the bigger economic
picture. This is the heart of your economic analysis.
3.How do the event/results impact the housing market? Will the impact be uniform nationally, or which regions might be impacted more heavily and why? Again, some analysis required, but often clear based on overall economic impact in Step 2 above.

4.Have at least one “source” that agrees with your opinion and one that disagrees – the pro/contra of the activity/issue that you are presenting, and present both sides in your discussion. Before presenting the pro/contra however, be sure that you have clearly stated your position first in your own words.


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Bloomberg Calendar

Bloomberg Calendar

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