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blog 4. blog 4. BLOG #4 for IAH 206 World Hunger and Food Security, Fall 2015


Due on D2L Saturday evening, Nov. 7th, 11:59 p.m.


As before, this blog is going to involve doing two ‘instances” of a particular assigned (short) task.


Do two instances of: a comparison between something in Holt-Gimenez & Patel’s book (Food rebellions!: Crisis and the hunger for justice) and something in Paul Thompson’s book (From Field to Fork).


As I’ll say at the end, you can start this task “at either end” (either with Holt-Gimenez & Patel or with Thompson), but I’m going to write up these instructions as if you are starting with the former:


In chapters 2 and 3 of their book (Food rebellions!: Crisis and the hunger for justice), Holt-Gimenez & Patel make a number of important claims. In this blog – for each of the two instances/items/… that you do, you should select some such point and

(a) describe the point or claim as clearly as you can, and

(b) explain what is interesting or significant about it.

Then you should find some passage in Paul Thompson’s book where he either engages that point or says something that is in fact relevant to it. (This might be a matter of agreeing with it or giving further evidence for it or explaining further implications of it, or it might be a matter of disagreeing with it or saying something that counts as evidence against it. (Of course, this means that – in (d) below — you will have to take care to articulate precisely which of these it is.)) You should then

(c) say what this point of Thompson’s is — describe it as clearly as you can, and

(d) explain how these are connected.


You should be picking out something that is significant or interesting, and you should make sure you make it clear what that is. But you don’t necessarily have to be picking out their main points.


It might be interesting to pick out one case where they are in agreement, and one case where there is a divergence of views between them, but you don’t need to do that. Do pick out two things that are interesting (or that show well that you understand these writers).


[OK. As an alternative way of doing one or both of your two “instances”, you can START your comparison with a point from Thompson and then find something in the Holt-Gimenez & Patel text to make a comparison with.]


Citations: You should of course cite (page numbers for) each of Holt-Gimenez & Patel and Paul Thompson. (We only read one piece by each, so you can just say something like


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blog 4

blog 4

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