Black Social Movements

Black Social Movements. Black Social Movements. You are to only use materials from this course. No outside sources are permitted. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET. Rather, you should cite specific pages from the texts (Carson, Payne, or other articles), or refer to specific lectures, powerpoints, or movies. Because this is a “take-home test,” you are expected to write “clean” essays that contain an introduction that ends with your thesis (your argument or answer to to the question posed), as well as a body that uses evidence/examples that illustrate your argument. You will be graded on the strength of your argument, your ability to effectively marshal historical evidence to make your points, and the general form and content of your papers, including proper citations, grammar, spelling and formatting.

Historians often cite the Montgomery bus boycott as the beginning of the Modern Civil Rights Movement. However, many have also argued that that Modern Civil Rights Movement could not have taken place without the foundation laid by prior activists as well as a particular set of social and political conditions that had developed. What did this foundation consist of, what were these social and political conditions, and how did each impact the development, growth, and direction of the civil rights movement?

The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was an iconic event as well as a major turning point in the movement’s history. The march exacerbated tensions and disagreements about the movement’s aims, direction, approach, and allies, and sparked both internal and external criticism. Using the summer of 1963 as your vantage point, examine the various different approaches being advocated at the time, using specific historical examples and/or incidents to show different areas of contention between different factions.


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Black Social Movements

Black Social Movements

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