Black Lives Matter and shame and guilt culture

Black Lives Matter and shame and guilt culture. Black Lives Matter and shame and guilt culture. General Instructions
Normal, college-level expectations for essay-writing apply: 
You need to have a thesis (stake a claim)–the more interesting, the better.
You need to argue in favor of that claim.
You need to provide evidential support for that argument (primarily from the texts that we have read and discussed)
And you need to present your ideas with the reader in mind, in a clear and compelling way.

Your paper should be no more than 600 words long. This is not a lot of room in which to present a good analysis, so be judicious. Cut out all but what is essential.

Writing Prompt
For this essay, you are to choose a current event from the news and relate it to the issues and problems of philosophical ethics that we have discussed in this course. I recommend that you look through the New York Times (or a comparable written news source) to find a recent article with which you can draw connections to philsophical ethics. You must of course cite your specific news sources in a bibliography.

To be clear: your goal is to demonstrate how well you have understood the course material, by showing its relevance to a topic in the current news. But be sure that the emphasis is on the course material, and not on the news story itself! 

Sample Topics (You should come up with your own!):

Topic: Corruption and Shame. Political corruption cases (pick your favorite particular example: Sheldon Silver, FIFA officials, and Dennis Hastert have all been in the news lately, for example, not to mention Chris Christie’s ) seem to be matters of shame culture, although they are not presented in such terms. What does this reveal about the nature of shame culture? Why is shame culture not “honest” about itself?


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Black Lives Matter and shame and guilt culture

Black Lives Matter and shame and guilt culture

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