Biosystems Engineering

Biosystems Engineering. Biosystems Engineering. should describe the following:
1) Why you initially selected the article.
2) The author’s primary premise or hypothesis.
3) How this premise was supported by evidence in the text (give examples).
4) The role that engineers and engineering concepts can be applied to this problem.
5) What holes in the premise and evidence did you find? Is there something you
question in their hypothesis, approach, or interpretation?
6) Does the article encourage you to read more or less on this topic?
Do not use these sources that are listed below
Briassoulis, Demetres, et al. “The “Threads” of biosystems engineering.” Transactions of the ASABE 57.1 (2014): 307-330.
Network, LLP Erasmus Thematic. “Education and Research In Biosystems Engineering In Europe.” (2008).
Use other sources


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Biosystems Engineering

Biosystems Engineering

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