Biochem 523 Protein dynamics

Biochem 523 Protein dynamics. Biochem 523 Protein dynamics. Theoretical and experimental measurements show that in many cases, the contributions of ionic and hydrogen-bonding interactions to ΔH for protein folding are close to zero. Provide an explanation for this result. (Hint: Consider the environment in which protein folding occurs.)

The formation of favorable ______ ionic or ________ interactions in a _________ protein replace interactions between solvent (water) and the ionic species (or _________donors and acceptors) in the_________ state. The favorable ΔH obtained by formation of ____________ bonds in the___________ protein is offset by the energy required to ___________ many interactions, with solvent going from the ________ to the ________ state.

Fill in the blanks above using the words listed below.











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Biochem 523 Protein dynamics

Biochem 523 Protein dynamics

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