Bio 1A 2 Water Monitoring Lab Assignment

Bio 1A 2 Water Monitoring Lab Assignment. Bio 1A 2 Water Monitoring Lab Assignment. Water Monitoring
The scenario: You are interested in helping a community group to monitor the water quality of a neighborhood creek. This community is especially concerned about a potential sewage leak that may exist where the city sewage pipe crosses their creek within a neighborhood park. You have offered to help the community activists to monitor their creek and determine whether there is indeed a leak. The activists have limited resources and would like you to advise them by recommending the best two methods, and designing an experiment to see whether there is likely sewage entering their creek at the site of the pipe.
Here is your task:

1) Based on what you have learned in lab about water monitoring tests, suggest two different tests that will help determine whether there is a sewage leak. Give the rationale for the picking those tests.

independent variable: location of sample ( sample near pipeline)
dependent variable:presence of coliforms in water
control variable: sample from upstream ( above sewage pipeline)
replication: once a day for a week collect samples

Question: Is there a sewage leak in the neighborhood creek

Hypothesis: I hypothesize there will be presence of coliform bacteria in sample meaning yes there is a sewage leak

Prediction: (if/then)

2) Design an experiment using those tests to see whether there is a leak at the creek in question.

Bio 1A 2 Water Monitoring Lab Assignment
Guidelines for your draft (see also attached grading rubric for the final report). Include the following in your write-up:
Introduction. Give some background on the problem (as I presented it to you), and on the available water quality tests. Make sure to include the following:
• Clearly state and identify your question and the hypothesis you will test
• State which two measures of water quality you will use, and explain why you chose them (use
information given in your water monitoring lab)
o describewhateachtestyouchosemeasures,andhowitmightberelatedtothe
possibility of a leak into the creek you are investigating
o notewhetherthetestmightdetectsomethingotherthanasewageleak
Methods. Describe the experiment you will conduct at the creek. The experimental design should be detailed enough that someone other than you could go perform the experiment you have in mind. (You do not need to discuss details of each test procedure.) You DO need to include all variables you will test, monitor, and control, and identify each as independent, dependent or controlled variables. Describe a control for your experiment, and make sure you state how you will replicate your experiment.
Prediction. Describe the results you would expect from the experiment you designed if your hypothesis were supported.
GRADING RUBRIC (final report):
Introduction (3 pts)
• question
• hypothesis
• description of water quality tests to use, and rationale
Methods (6 pts)
• quality of experimental design (includes all aspects of a good experiment)
• description of experiment(s) complete?
• identification of all variables by type (dependent, independent, controlled)
Prediction (1 pt)


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Bio 1A 2 Water Monitoring Lab Assignment

Bio 1A 2 Water Monitoring Lab Assignment

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