Biblical materials in the quran

Biblical materials in the quran. Biblical materials in the quran. Writing a research proposal

As part of this class assignment, your research paper consists of two phases: (1) the proposal, and (2) the paper itself. Here are some general guidelines for writing a proposal. .

What is a research proposal?

A research proposal sets out:

  • the broad topic you wish to research (substance)
  • the reasons for the research (rationale)
  • what the research hopes to achieve (aims and objectives)
  • how you are going to conduct the research (methodology)
  • how you plan to undertake the research within the time available (outline plan)
  • the expected results in relation to knowledge and understanding in the subject (potential outcomes and hypothesis) (For RELS 379/RELS 310: this part is optional)

How to write a proposal?

Look at the context of your ideas; read widely and relevantly to make sure that your proposal has originality, will add knowledge to the field and builds on existing sources.

Then clearly and concisely outline the:

  • aim(s) and objectives: write down what you are seeking to achieve,
  • research questions: Explain the question/s you want your research to address, this may be a  hypotheses you want to test or more open-ended questions
  • literature: this is best done by consulting the librarians or databases on the subject. At SDSU, a good idea is to go to the electronic database on the Library page, then to JSTOR and search for articles. The bibliography of any academic book on the subject should be a good guide. For RELS 379/310, you will submit a bibliography. In addition to such bibliography, you will ALSO submit an example of how you will cite material. You will be held to this standard. You may use any of the approved citation systems. These can be seen by referring to Kate Turabian’s guide that should be on line, or available in the library.
  • methodology: given your research questions and aims, consider your research approach (theoretical framework) and the most appropriate research methods for achieving them – reading, reviewing, collecting data, analysis and interpretation. Please understand that a paper at the level of this particular course is simply introduce you to research writing. Be aware, therefore, of your limitations and work within them. You are not expected to formulate theories; in fact to do so would be somewhat arrogant and invite censure.
  • plan: Work out how you will go about your research and the writing up in the time you have available (10 weeks)
  • Conclusion: where you refer back to the thesis question and see what you have accomplished

Where to get advice?

  • Talk to the professor, the teaching assistant, or a librarian.
  • You may find the most helpful person is your peer. S/he can advise on relevant sources and methodology for your paper.
  • Talk to your peers; use them as sounding boards for your proposal.
  • Talk with researchers in your field, read the material on JSTOR. Check the bibliographies in your course reader.
  • If you have a specific learning difference, and find structuring your ideas challenging or find effectively conveying the ideas in your head on paper difficult, , talk through your proposal with a member of staff responsible for providing study skills support.  If you are unsure who to approach, the disability office at your university should be able to refer you to the appropriate staff member. They may be able to assist you in developing strategies to effectively structure and express your ideas.
  • Ask an impartial person to comment and proof-read your proposal.

What else should be considered?

You need to be sure that the subject is something you really want to focus on for the next few weeks of your life. It will be at the center of your learning; you will need to be self-motivated and committed to it, AND YOU WILL HAVE TO PRIORITIZE. If you leave it for the last minute, you will suffer. Above all, it will have to be something you will enjoy exploring. After all, the route and the destination will be largely determined by you. For your actual paper, you might want to read the professor’s material in journals, or use the course reader entries as good paradigms. MAKE SURE YOU PAY ATTENTION TO DEADLINES. THE BEST PROPOSAL IS WORTHLESS IF IT IS LATE. TRY NOT TO ASK FAVORS FROM THE PROFESSOR/TA REGARDING LATE SUBMISSIONS ETC. In doing so, you will establish yourself as a sort of slacker.

Be aware too that your professor is concerned with the quality of your paper. If you feel that you have some sort of “special” relationship with the professor and that he might give you a break—do understand that you are compromising him and possibly setting yourself up for disappointment. Consider too that, if your professor observes blatant mistakes from what is the norm for academic papers, he might take a special effort in critical marking. Guidance Materials

Once your proposal has been accepted, then search online for tips in writing a good term paper, or visit the campus writing center. Do NOT attempt to use your professor as your editor or send several drafts for him to tell you if you are on track. Remember that he has several other students in class, and that your attempts to get him to read drafts are tantamount to having him as your proofreader.

Always do a spell/grammar check before submitting any document to your professor. It is always better to have a peer read your work. You can obtain this service by providing the same for your peer.

Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Paper, Theses and Dissertations, 7th edition (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2007).





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Biblical materials in the quran

Biblical materials in the quran

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