Prometheus’ crimes

Prometheus’ crimes. Prometheus’ crimes.

Answer five questions in short Paragraph form.
1. What were Prometheus’ crimes against Zeus? (Examine especially Work + Days 25 and Theogony 154 seq.

2. Who were the gods of the three theogonies in Hesiod and how and why were they replaced and defeated? (Theogony 132-135/150-153)

3. Described Ted Hughes’s version of Ovid’s four ages of man form Prometheus’ creation of mankind. What are the characteristics of the Age of Iron?

4. List ten (10) of the thirteen (13) “gifts” that Prometheus provided to mankind. How are Pandora and Eve similar?

5. What are Zeus’s punishments for Prometheus and how will he escape them? What does Io (female) have to with his eventual release? How long will it take for him to be free?


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Prometheus’ crimes

Prometheus’ crimes

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