BI Statistical Analysis

BI Statistical Analysis. BI Statistical Analysis.
WEEK 7 ASSIGNMENT 1: BI Statistical Analysis

Context for Assignment
Utilizing the following data mining methods of statistical analysis and reporting for your own organization (classification, regression, cluster, decision tree, association rule modeling) include the following information in your assignment details:
Task Description
Identify at least three of the main data mining methods your (GOOGLE IS MY ORGANIZATION) organization does or could utilize to calculate important patterns in data.
Give examples of situations in which these three data mining methods would be an appropriate technique for your industry/organization.
Define these three data mining general algorithms that could be used to calculate an answer. Show a practice calculation (from actual data provided) of at least two of the three recommended algorithms for your organization.
Why are these specific data mining techniques the best options for your organization?

You should have at least 2+ pages for this assignment that include your calculations. Place your assignment in the drop box and follow your facilitator’s guidelines for week seven.
Also, work as an individual on your final Business Intelligence Presentation that is due in week eight. You will post your presentation on the discussion forum (and within the dropbox) in week eight. You can find the BI presentation assignment instructions within the week eight information.

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BI Statistical Analysis

BI Statistical Analysis

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