Best Practice Family Paper

Best Practice Family Paper. Best Practice Family Paper.

I. Best Practice Family Paper (30%)

This assignment is similar to the Best Practice assignment from last semester, but the focus of your intervention is a family rather than an individual. The paper should be between 8 and 10 pages, not including title page, reference page and attachment(s). APA style is required throughout. Papers are submitted via Turn-It-In no later than the beginning of class on the due date.

Choose a family with whom you are working or a family with whom you are very familiar.

Conduct a systematic review of the literature on two of the following approaches to family therapy:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral (Multiple)
  • Communication (Satir)
  • Experiential (Whitaker)
  • Family Systems (Bowen)
  • Narrative (White & Epston)
  • Psychodynamic (Multiple)
  • Solution-Focused (Berg)
  • Strategic (Haley & Madanes)
  • Functional Family Therapy (Alexander)
  • Brief Strategic Family Therapy (Szapocznik)
  • Multidimensional Family Therapy (Liddle)
  • Structural (Minuchin)
  • Other Evidence Based Family Therapy Approach


For each approach describe the key ideas/major assumptions and how this approach does or does not account for the needs of this family. How effective is this approach with culturally diverse clients and vulnerable populations?

Describe the assessment process including the essential information for applying each approach. State how you would apply the approach including reasonable, achievable goals.


  1. Title page (see posted example)
  2. Abstract (200 word summary of the paper. Scholarly literature format)
  3. Family description (1-2 pages)
    1. Identify and describe a problem that a family might present with in therapy.
    2. Describe the characteristics of a typical family who might present with this problem.
    3. Draw a family genogram to illustrate the problem visually (one page attachment).
  4. Literature Review (3 – 4 pages)

            Include a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles, preferably from social work literature, and no                more than 10 years old. Books must be approved by the instructor.

  1. Conduct a systematic review of the literature to identify the prevalence, characteristics, and scope of the problem.
  2. Review research on family therapy and the selected problem.
  3. Report on research that has addressed your chosen problem in a family context.
  4. Describe efficacy or effectiveness of various family therapy approaches at resolving the problem.
  1. Best Practice Approach (2 – 3 pages)
    1. Identify which family therapy or therapies reviewed in the Literature Review are most effective at resolving the family problem for you. The model chosen should be evidence based and reasonably applicable in practice.
    2. Describe the key ideas and major assumptions of the best practice approach.
    3. Discuss how this approach does or does not account for the needs of culturally diverse clients.
  2. Intervention plan (4 – 5 pages)
    1. Develop a plan for implementing or applying the information to family situation.
    2. Identify the goals for treatment
    3. Specify techniques utilized to address the problem.
    4. Give examples of how you would use the techniques with the family (include sample dialogue if necessary).
    5. Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of treatment (i.e. how will you know you have successfully resolved the problem the family came in to address?).
    6. Discuss how you would terminate with the family.
  3. Conclusions (1 page)
  4. References
  5. Appendix: Genogram

Create a family genogram to illustrate the relationships and patterns of interaction between family members.


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Best Practice Family Paper

Best Practice Family Paper

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