“Become what you are not yet”

“Become what you are not yet”. “Become what you are not yet”. I have many papers due and got some ideas after brainstorm. I need one page double spaced essay.
Question: I need to write about who I want to become in the future based on the quote “Become what you are not yet”
1. My father is in mid 50’s who has the most influence in my life
2. He is married to my mother almost 30 years and shown such a wonderful companionship with my mother, which I do not easily see in this culture
Giving me a possibility to love another person fully left of my life
3. Despite adversities, he is very much respected and successful in his profession and I easily witnessed his incredible deligency and discipline hard working principles which carried him.
4. Yet he is most humble and gracious man despite his high success. Someone who will sit next to me going over reading Dr Seuss to Bible stories to my current AP classes. Yet at the end of every night, he will come and talk with me and pray with me. I could go to sleep with a renewed encouragement to face a new day.
5. He is a man of faith and who shows his faith in our home as well as his professional life, even frequently praying with his patients. He would give many homeless people with meals. He did many oversea trips to help those in poor countries, with helping them with compassion and technologies
I went to one of those trips as well
6. Growing up in a Christian home and church, I had no trouble accepting God, since my dad was such a faithful man
7. Therefore, I want to be a man of loving with skillful hands, full of compassion, and some teenage can approach me because they see me as trustful person with integrity


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“Become what you are not yet”

“Become what you are not yet”

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