Bathymetric Data

Bathymetric Data. Bathymetric Data. We are only required to do part 1 of the lab report. The bathymetrics portion only.

These were the Professor’s instructions –

Basically, in this lab you have to re-create diagram 4 that is included in your notes (on how to complete the lab). What I often find students do incorrectly is drawing the graph. Once you have the distance and the depth they need to be plotted on a graph. However, the distances you have measured are not equal distances so when you plot the graph it should reflect this – each ‘dot’ should not be evenly spaced. The Y-axis is distance and the X-axis is depth.
A bathymetric contour map of the New York Bight will be used to generate a bathymetric profile that illustrates the continental shelf, slope, and rise, and the abyssal deep.

Satellite radar images revealing internal waves on the New York Bight will be used to test the idea that internal waves are caused by tidal forces pushing water into a collision with the continental slope.

For this lab, download these instructions and this article from the oceanographic literature discussing internal waves, for use with the lab.
Be sure to look at all the images in this article, to get a good sense of how internal waves in the waters of the continental shelf appear on the ocean surface, as seen by a radar instrument in satellite orbit.

The following images will help you in your analysis and in preparing your report of the results:
Bitmap image of Figure 3 from the above article, showing internal waves – Internal waves Fig 3.bmp
New York Bight bathymetry contour map – New York Bight bathymetry.jpg


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Bathymetric Data

Bathymetric Data

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