Autobiographical Reflection Paper #2 chen

Autobiographical Reflection Paper #2 chen. Autobiographical Reflection Paper #2 chen. The purpose of this paper is for you to conduct an in-depth evaluation of your sexual attitudes, beliefs, and values. In this course you may have been exposed to new ideas and concepts about sexuality that may have influenced you to examine your own sexuality. This assignment is a personal reflection of where your sexual attitudes, feelings, and beliefs were at the beginning of the semester and where they are now.
Describe specifically if and how your sexual attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, values, and feelings were impacted by SPH-F 255 Human Sexuality. What changed? What did not change and why?
You may use the following list of questions to help you get started. You do not need to respond to every question or topic but choose the ones that make most sense to your own experience in the class.
• Were there any particular class meetings that really influenced you? What did we do, talk about or see that influenced you most? In what way(s) were you affected?
• Were there any assignments or activities that really influenced you? What was the activity and how did it influence you?
• Were there any panels or other guest speakers in class that you feel particularly influenced by? What did they do or say that impacted you?
• Did you have any interactions with other students in the class that impacted you? What was it and how did it affect you?
• Did you notice any influences on the ways you interact with peers, friends, roommates, partners, family members or other people in your life? What changed?
• Five years from now, will anything from the class still influence you? What was it and how do you think you will be influenced?
• Was there anything about the class that had a surprise effect on you? Was there something that happened that affected you that you did not expect?
• Did you learn anything that helped you improve the health status of your sexual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors?
• Have you taken any steps to increase your sexual health as a result of this class? What did you do (or plan to do) and how do you think it will impact you in the long-run (or not)?
• How do you hope to continue to learn about sex or experience sexuality after this class?


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Autobiographical Reflection Paper #2 chen

Autobiographical Reflection Paper #2 chen

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