Autism. Autism. A4: Op-Art/Visual Argument

In this assignment, you will be transforming your opinion-editorial into a visual argument of your choice. Depending upon your desired audience, you will choose a form appropriate for your argument and who you hope to persuade.

You will, ideally, use the argument you wrote in your A3 op-ed, but you are also free to explore another topic. However, the overall purpose of this assignment is to radically revise a piece of writing into a visual form. So, if you would like to explore another contemporary issue, you will have to write another editorial and then compose the visual.

Getting Started
Consider the process you went through to write your editorial. How can you adapt your writing process for composing visually? Rather than a traditional outline, perhaps a sketch? Rather than a free write, perhaps a web of possible ways to make your argument visual? Reflect on your writing process and consider how you can pre-write for such a visual assignment.

Possible Visual Forms

Below is a list of possible forms for your visual. Note that some will require you to make multiple forms (because of the pre-set patterns these genres offer). Other options can be explored, but must be approved by me.

· One Editorial cartoon (a single panel)

· One Editorial comics (multiple panels)

· Three Memes (visuals with captions that change the meaning)

· Two Rageface comics (preset images used to tell original stories)

· One Infographic (combination of images and text to inform/persuade)

Guidelines while Composing

Remember the guidelines from A3. This is still an argument that should capture your voice, experience, and motivation for writing.

· Write in your own voice in a tone that is authentic to you. The only limitation is that it has to be a diction/tone/voice that you think could get published – that doesn’t mean it can’t be your own.

· Start by thinking about a “They Say.” You should refer to opinions and views about the issue that are current and in the news. Which voices are you responding to?

· Use personal experiences, anecdotes, stories, and individual emotions and values to humanize your letter.

· In addition to emotional and personal appeals, use facts, data, statistics, and/or logical argument to support your claim. Use a diplomatic, reasonable, rational tone.


1. Your visual must relate to the argument presented in your editorial and must be accompanied with the writing itself.

2. Must conform to the expectations and requirements of the genre (Note: This will change depending upon the genre—comics, cartoons, memes, etc.).

3. Must be accompanied with a 250-word reflection on the process of radically revising a written argument into a visual argument.

Resources for Composing

· Editorial Cartoons:

· Editorial Comics:

· Memes:

· Rageface Comics:

· Infographic Examples:

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