Assignment 4 Parenting Program Summary

Assignment 4 Parenting Program Summary. Assignment 4 Parenting Program Summary. APA paper requesting a Early Childhood writer for this paper. My community I live in is Miami, Fl. If to go to the web sit (CAP4Kids) you will find many florida family program. the program chart need to be fill out with your finding.
Assignment 4: Parenting Program Summary
1. Think about what you would like to research about special parenting or family programs within your community or on the internet, filing in the first column of the Learning Log below..
2. Investigate three different ‘Parenting Programs’ that engage and involve diverse families.
3. What are their goals? Do they have specific requirements? What are their contributions? Are materials provided?
4. After your investigation, look again at the list of questions you wanted to research. Then summarize what you found in regard to your questions.
5. Make further comments about why this would or would not be good for a parent and your recommendations as to how the program could be improved.
Questions about Programs 5 points
Information Gathered 10 points
Recommendations from Findings 10 points
Total Points 25 points
Rubric for Participation (Value 10%)
Attendance in all Sessions is required in order to demonstrate active participation and a grasp of material in the text as well as additional material presented in the discussions.
Active participation and relevant contributions 3 points
Completes readings 3 points
Completes and submits assignments 4 points
Total 10 Points
“To the world you might be one person but, to one person, you might be the world.” -Anonymous


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Assignment 4 Parenting Program Summary

Assignment 4 Parenting Program Summary

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