Assignment 4.1 Analyze Test Result

Assignment 4.1 Analyze Test Result. Assignment 4.1 Analyze Test Result. Assignment 4 –Analysis of Learners’ Scores, Professional Development Needs, and Ethical
Practices to Improve Student Outcomes
30 points, Due Week 7, Key Assessment 5 (Continuous Professional Improvement) Course
objectives: #1, 7
The purpose of this assignment is to reinforce the importance of ongoing professional development with the ultimate goal of improving early childhood educational practices that positively impact children’s achievement. Continuous professional development should lead to reflective practices in which you examine your past, present, and future educational impact to determine your strengths, as well as your areas for improvement.
In this assignment, you will, in Part 1, analyze test scores to determine where professional
development may be needed; in Part 2, participate in a School Improvement Team Committee meeting or an early childhood improvement team committee meeting at a program providing services to young children, to identify their school-wide professional development needs, and in Part 3, create your own plan for ongoing professional development, as it relates to the needs of the students.
Complete the following activities:
Part 1 Comparison of Test Results and Identification of Professional Development Needs
(10 points)
Each state has developed a comprehensive test designed to measure students’ reading, writing,
mathematical, and science skills. For example, in Florida the name of this comprehensive test is
the FCAT or FCAT 2.0 (Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test). Schools receive an annual
grade based on the performance of their students on this test. (FEAP b.5.g)
To complete this portion of Assignment 4,
1. Select two schools (1. Miami Edison Park K-8 Center. 2. Myrtle Grove K-8 Center ).
2. Once you have selected the school or program, research the schools’ literacy/reading and math
scores on the state standardized test. Download the data that relates to your state, district, and
school (FEAP b.5.g). Create a table to present the scores (see Table 1).
If you wish to compare two prekindergarten programs, you will need information about the
center’s scores on school readiness or other statewide tests for comparison.
Note: Possible scores range from ___ to ___, with ___ being a passing score.
3. Discuss and compare the two schools’ overall scores with those of the state and district. Identify the progress that needs to be made in order to improve future learning outcomes (FEAP
b.5.c/InTASC 9c.p).
EC 503 Page 21 of 35 Revised January 2015
4. Select six students from one school. Research their state standardized test scores. Compare their scores to the state, district, and school averages previously located and, based on the individual student data, identify specific skills that need improvement. Briefly discuss the specific skills that need improvement (FEAP b.5.c/InTASC 9c.p). Briefly discuss how you would modify your instructional plan to address these skills to improve learning outcomes. What professional development you would need in order to improve or enhance your teaching skills? (FEAP
b.5.b/InTASC 9c.p, 9h.k, 9k.k, 9l.d)
a. Option: If you do not have access to individual student test scores, then consider the
alternative of selecting one subject area (e.g., reading, mathematics, science) and one
grade level from two schools in your district and, working either independently or with
colleagues, compare the state standardized scores (FEAP b.5.b/ InTASC 9c.p, 9h.k,
9k.k, 9l.d). Based on the data comparison, choose the school with the lowest test scores
and identify specific skills that will need improvement (e.g., main idea, measurement).
Discuss how you would modify instruction to assist children in improving the identified
concepts or skills areas. (FEAP b.5.c/InTASC 9c.p). Please use table that is attach after completing the paper.


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Assignment 4.1 Analyze Test Result

Assignment 4.1 Analyze Test Result

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