Assignment 3: Mother & Child

Assignment 3: Mother & Child. Assignment 3: Mother & Child. Throughout art history, artists have used the theme of mother and child for
religious purposes, for cultural purposes, and for expressing the strong
relationship between mother and child.
You can find examples mother and child in the art of Egyptians, Greeks, and
Romans. Medieval art and art of the Renaissance often depicts Mary and the
Christ child to communicate bible stories for those that could not read.
Tribes of Africa such as the Dogon tribe, Asian art, Native American art, and
even folk art often depict a non-religious representation of the mother and
child. Many photographs taken during the Great Depression or during
wartime show the anguish, poverty, and yet the bonds between the mother
and child.
The mother and child theme can be found in EVERY culture and in EVERY
society throughout human history.
For this assignment, you are to find TWO examples of mother and child in
art to present in this essay.
Use the following format below for your essay.
NOTE: Label each part as shown and you won’t go wrong!
Art and Visual Culture
Assignment 3: Mother and Child
Present the title of the art, the artist, the medium, the year, the time period, and the style of each of the
two art pieces you chose. This can be in a list form. You MUST include the two images in this part as well.
What was the purpose of the two pieces you chose? Discuss the social,
cultural, and/or religious purpose for each of the two pieces you chose.
How have the artists (or the people/person who made the art) used the
mother and child relationship in each work to express feelings and emotions
and to tell a story? What story do they each tell?


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Assignment 3: Mother & Child

Assignment 3: Mother & Child

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