ASSIGNED BOOKS Final Exam. ASSIGNED BOOKS Final Exam. Required Material
Books : William Kelleher Storey.  The First World War: A Concise Global History.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2010.
Frank Zagare.  Games of July: Explaining the Great War, Univ. of Michigan Press, 2011.
Gerhardt Weinberg, World at Arms: A Global History of World War II,  second edition, Cambridge Univ Press, 2005.

EACH OF YOUR ANSWERS MUST INCLUDE INFORMATION FROM BOTH THE ASSIGNED BOOKS AND THE LECTURES. YOUR ANSWERS MUST BE SUPPORTED WITH SPECIFIC DETAILS. Remember you MUST present supporting information from both the readings and lectures for each of your answers.

1. In THE GAMES OF JULY by Frank Zagare, the author states “Had major-power war been avoided in 1914, it is likely there would have been no Soviet Union, no Hitler, no Second World War, no Cold War, no nuclear arms race, and no post-Cold War period.  Please respond. 10 points.

2. Author William K. Storey states in his THE FIRST WORLD WAR that one of the causes of the Great War was long standing European rivalries.  Please identify those rivalries and comment on their role in the origins of the First World War.  10 points.

3. Gerhard Weinberg in A WORLD AT ARMS attributes a good deal of the causes of the First World War to “The German Question.”  Please identify the German question and  explain what role it played in the coming of war.  10 points.

4. Describe and compare the home fronts in each of the major powers during World War II.  10 points.


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