Assessing practices of communication and engagement

Assessing practices of communication and engagement. Assessing practices of communication and engagement. In this assignment, you will critique organizations/brands’ communication over social media. Select any organization/brand that has a strong social media presence. Some examples: Ford, Starbucks, Oreo, Heinz. Followsocial media channelsused by this organization/brand and critique theirsocial media communication in terms of the criteria given in the table below.
You should evaluate a minimum of the following: 15 blog posts, 10 YouTube videos, 10 LinkedIn posts, 15 FB posts, 30 tweets, 30 Instagram posts, etc. Support your critique with evidence drawn from the social media channel; Submit evidence as screen shots with links. Present your critique in the form of an essay with each of the five subheadings given in the table. Paper must be neatly typed, approx. 750 – 800 words.

(Communication & Engagement Evaluation Criteria)

– Intended goals and target publics

Make an informed assessment about the organization’s/brand’s probable goals of communicating over social media and who their target publics might be

– Strategic and enhanced content

Source credibility (Ethos) : The strategies of source credibility, if any, being employed over social media

Content provides new resources or ideas that add value to the
intended publics; Content presents a focused and cohesive viewpoint that is substantiated by effective supporting examples or links to relevant, up-to-date websites or documents that enhance the information presented.

– Tone and style of writing

Tone (positive/neutral/negative) and appeals (logos and pathos)
employed and their appropriateness for the intended publics

Evidence of brand positioning throughout and across the channels; Maintenance of a consistent voice across all channels

– Visual design

Selects and inserts high quality graphics and multimedia when appropriate to enhance the content’s visual appeal and increase readability;

Acknowledges all image and multimedia sources with captions or annotations;
Balance between text/visuals is maintained

– Public Engagement

Organization/brand encourages user collaboration and engagement
; Consistently responds to user comments/user generated content with positive, respectful, and succinct comments while providing a meaningful addition to the discussion

Identify the model of public relations used: one-way public information model, two-way asymmetric, two -way symmetric communication; dialogic/monologic

– Frequency & timeliness

Updates media channel as often or more often than required; Timeliness of response to user comments


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Assessing practices of communication and engagement

Assessing practices of communication and engagement

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