Art Experience – Project

Art Experience – Project. Art Experience – Project. Art Experience – Project

Post your assignment to Discussions under, “Art Experience Project”.

For this class this assignment is an instrument by which to measure your growth as a student in this course and to observe your mastery of the material we have covered. It also symbolizes the culmination of a body of work by you during this course. This research project should contain relevant references from readings, video, and other personal experiences you have encountered thus far in this course and should represent the best of your achievements and accomplishments in this course.

Arts Event Presentation Guidelines

The “arts” are broadly defined within the context of this class, so an “arts event” may refer to a one time “show” – such as a theatre play, an opera, a ballet, a symphony, etc. Or, it may refer to an exhibit at an art gallery, such as an exhibit at the UO Arts Museum. It may be a local music scene, or “First Fridays,” or a fair. You will want to begin to read the various events calendars in local website and newspaper listings in order for you to choose the event you will research. The following is a list of possible art genres:

– Jazz performance

– Art gallery showing

– Dance performance (ballet, modern, folk, other)

– Pop music performance – concert or club

– Art museum exhibit

– Ethnic group or artist performance

– School of Music performances

– Country Music performance

– Theatre performance

– Classical music concert

– Hip-Hop performance

– Electronic music performance

– Alternative indie film festival…

– etc…..

The topics for the project will follow the questions below. That is, you will be asked to research, record, and reflect on the following regarding your experience with the arts event. You will address the following questions:

1) Where does this arts event take place, and what can you say about its values relative to its location?

2) Who are the artists/performers/creators of this arts event, and what can you say about their training and values as revealed through this arts event?

3) Who is the audience? What can you say about the values of the people who are consumers/viewers/participants in this arts event?

4) How is this arts event marketed, and what does this say about the values of the production?

5) How does this arts event reflect contemporary values and issues?

6) What is the historical relevance of this arts event?

7) What is the cultural context of this arts event?

Additionally, as you research and collect information on this arts event, you will want to think about how best to present it to the class, so that the presentation accurately conveys the values of the arts event, and your view of it. So, you will want to consider how you will relate the importance of place, for instance. Will you take pictures? Will you draw a graphic representation? Will you record it? How will you show the marketing materials? What will you need to collect? What about the artists? Will you need to interview them? How will you be able to determine context? Will you keep track of reviews, listings, do an audience survey?

You will be expected to plan time outside of class or your regular study time to do the research, observations, and recording of the event. It should be fun! Think about getting to know the event or place as intimately as possible. You will be an “ expert” on this event by the end of the quarter.

The PowerPoint Presentation:

Each student will create a PowerPoint Presentation and submit these presentations to the Discussion Board for the class to review. Use photographs you take, images from promotional materials, graphic illustrations, etc. to illustrate a summation of your art experience. Address the subtopic questions above. Be creative about your design and don’t be too text heavy. You must have a minimum of 10 graphic / photo slides and a minimum of 10 text slides – Total minimum of 20 slides.

Personal Reflection Paper

Due Friday February 19, 2016

Each student will write a minimum of a 5-page document that addresses their art experience research. Note, the length does not include images, only text. Discuss your original concept and its evolution to the final product, as well as the challenges and successes that you encountered. You will submit your paper as an MS Word document to Discussions under, “Art Experience Project”.


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Art Experience – Project

Art Experience – Project

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