archaeological record

archaeological record. archaeological record. Essay Questions: On the test you will have to answer six (and only six) of the following ten questions in three to four sentences. Be sure to use specific examples from the archaeological record
1 page or 2 page it’s fine just answer specific and clear

1. How did rulers from Tikal dominate other sites in the Early Classic? Please include specific examples from the archaeological record.

2. Archaeologists believe that women in Minoan Crete had achieved some level of social equality with men. What are some examples of this, and what is the archaeological evidence?

3. The Olmec were known for their distinctive artistic style. What are some of the most prevalent elements of these works, and what do archaeologists believe they might have symbolized? What does the art reveal about their broader belief systems?

4. Demarest, Rice and Rice find the use of “decline” or “collapse” to be inapplicable to the case of the Maya. Why do they believe this? What problems do they see with these terms for the Maya?

5. What techniques did the rulers of Classical Greece use to gain and maintain power?

6. What are some of the causes of collapse that are discussed for various societies? Use specific examples from the archaeological record.

7. How important are leaders in determining the success or failure (ecological, ideological, or otherwise) of a complex society? To what extent did bad leadership contribute to or cause the collapse of a society? Be sure to use specific examples from the archaeological record.

8. What different factors are associated with the Recovery of Greece (1000 to 750 B.C.) after the Dark Ages?

9. Discuss the controversy over the Elgin Marbles. What side of the argument do you fall on and why?

10. What evidence of writing is there in Minoan Crete?


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archaeological record

archaeological record

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