Arabic Oud

Arabic Oud. Arabic Oud. The Creative Project and Process Paper
During the first week of class (1) decide which art form you would like to work with. Possibilities include writing a poem, short story, one-act play; drawing or painting a picture; composing, performing, and/or recording a short piece of music; sculpting in clay, wood, soap, metal, or whatever medium you choose; making a video, etc., etc. (2) Prepare to take good notes on the process so that you can write a “process paper” on your creative work. Be sure that your paper refers to the sequence of steps that went into creating the work by comparing your process with the one described in the text. Look on pp. 30-32 for the five-step process. Mention each of these stages in your paper and compare your creative process with the text. Your process may be different. If so, talk about it in your paper, but, in any case, refer to the five stages.
This paper should be 3 – 4 pages (1000-1500 words) in length (double-spaced). It is worth 150 points, 30 points for each item on the following scale.

I. Technical (writing, grammar, mechanics, etc.)
II. Creative Process (traces the sequence of the creative “events”)
III. Originality (exhibits a unique slant on the experience)
IV. Insight (has depth, goes beyond the obvious)
V. “Aha” (it is interesting to read)”

Please explain to me how your paper on the Arabic Oud follows the directions of this assignment. If you actually constructed an Oud, where is it? Do you have a picture? Does this paper describe your actual construction of the Oud according to the phases explained in the text? Did you actually read that chapter which described the 5 stages of the Creative Process?

please follow the instruction
please call me if you have any question


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Arabic Oud

Arabic Oud

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