Arabian nights

Arabian nights. Arabian nights. This is the final paper for the Arabian nights in western literature course. Through the course we have read different stories from volume 1,2 and 3 of the Arabian nights in addition to some stories from the Grimm tales. We also read many research papers and journal articles around the Arabian nights and had many discussions on the different topics that arise from the nights.Even though women sometimes have central roles such as shehrazad in the frame story and for example tawadud the slave girl that freed her master still, they are only objects that are there for men etc.. the paper will have to use AT LEAST 4 external sources other than the Grimm tales and the Arabian nights.

Please contact me if you have difficulties in coming up with the thesis and/or any concerns on the paper. There has to be a clear thesis and the paper will have to back it up.


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Arabian nights

Arabian nights

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