Applying Machiavellis Principles with Uber

Applying Machiavellis Principles with Uber. Applying Machiavellis Principles with Uber. Applying Machiavelli’s PrinciplesThe Coca-Cola CompanyWritten By:Prepared for: Pavinee Kulsamrit (25) and Professor BeehlerDate of Completion:



NiccolòMachiavelli wrote The Princein the 16th century as a plea to the Medicis -offering advice on how to rule.Although his principles were not immediately accepted, his ideasstarted to become appreciated after his death.Today, his ideas still hold virtue and merit intoday’s society and can be applied to business practices that companies employ.The Coca-Cola1

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Company has been in business for over 100 years, and is currently the industry leader in the non-alcoholic beverages and soft-drinks category.They are also ranked as the 3rd most valuablebrand by Forbes.They have got to this position by continuously innovating new marketingtechniques and ambitiously pursuing sales in every possible market.Despite the fact that thisbook was written centuries ago, a large degree of the company’s success can be attributed toMachiavelli’s transcendental ideas regarding the art of war, immoral justification, and dealingwith unimportant minorities.All of the success that the company has accumulated cannot be attributed solely to luck;the company has diligently maintained a profile that includes a commitment to excellence andmaintaining dominance over competitors.Machiavelli’s ideas regarding war reveal how TheCoca-Cola Company shrewdly and mercilessly continues to rank at the top of the industry aswell as grow their company and revenue.Machiavelli states that “a prince ought to have noother aim or thought, nor select anything else for his study, than war and its rule and discipline”(Machiavelli, 67).In this application of Machiavelli, a comparison can be made between the artof war and competition in the industry.The goal of businesses should be to crush theircompetition, because businesses are lead by the dollar.Striving to be the best and prioritizingstrategic plans against competitors allows successful companies such as The Coca-ColaCompany to stay on top of the industry for so long.Their only concern should regard theirrevenue and how their products matches up with their competitors so that when something goeswrong, they can make plans to fix it.This also means that companies should push themselves tothe limit and do whatever it takes to gain a competitive edge.The Coca-Cola Company’s driveto be the biggest global brand in this industry has caused some strife with competitors andcountries.In 1998, PepsiCo filed an antitrust lawsuit against The Coca-Cola Company for2

“ attempting to monopolize the market for fountain-dispensed soft drinks through independent foodservice distributors throughout the United States” to ensure “fair and open competition” ( The laws between what a monopoly is and is not has always been debated in the United States as the line is very vague. However, the judicial system……


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Applying Machiavellis Principles with Uber

Applying Machiavellis Principles with Uber

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