ANT RP. ANT RP. choose a current event (from within the past 4 years or so) – it could be something that happened/is happening in NYC, elsewhere in the state of New York, elsewhere in the USA; in a different country; or it could be something resonating internationally. The point of the project is to analyze why/how this event/issue is significant and further develops our understandings of key concepts relating to sex, gender, and/or sexuality. Each student must ground their projects in one of the course’s major units: (1) Sex, Gender, and “Nature”; (2) Constructing Sex and Gender; (3) Sex and Power; (4) Sex, Bodies, and the Economy. However, you must also demonstrate an intersectional understanding of the current event you analyze. In other words, while grounding your analysis in a particular unit, you must demonstrate how the event relates to at least one other concept we’ve discussed from another unit from the course. (Note: as this is a semester-long project, you can base your project in a unit that we haven’t covered yet; indeed, I encourage you to look ahead in the syllabus to identify which unit interests you the most and/or would best frame your analysis.)
For this assignment, each student is to submit a one-page (typed, double-spaced) proposal that describes the current event that they wish to examine. This proposal should contain the following components:
* A brief summary/contextualization of the event (that is, provide some background information)
* A statement of which unit you intend to use to situate/ground your analysis
* The primary questions that you will use to frame your research
* Your preliminary hypothesis regarding WHY/HOW the event further develops our understandings of a key concept relating to sex, gender, and/or sexuality (note: eventually you will convert your hypothesis into your thesis statement)
* A brief explanation as to why you are interested in studying this event


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