Annotated Bibliography Prompt: Researching a Contemporary Issue

Annotated Bibliography Prompt: Researching a Contemporary Issue. Annotated Bibliography Prompt: Researching a Contemporary Issue. Could you write for me like 1 Post complete with four sources you found and add 1 sources (total 5 sources)

Source #1: Chris Oxlade, Global Warming, Capstone, 2003

In this book, the author, Chris Oxlade, is very keen to address the contemporary issue, 

Global Warming, with a very exhaustive approach. The book seeks to explain the exact 

meaning global warming and what the green house effects are. In addition the author 

seeks to explain the means of measuring and evaluating global warming and the green 

house effects and further explains the causes of global warming and the way, together 

with greenhouse effects, is resulting to harmful changes in climate and temperature over 

the whole world. This book highlights storms, abnormal dry periods, food shortages, 

flooding and the continued destruction of habitats as the major signs of global warming 

and forecasts more peril for the planet if global warming is not quickly managed. The 

increase in global warming leads to the greenhouse effect which in turn makes the earth 

not to release the absorbed heat which consequently turns very harmful on the earth’s 

surface. The book simply defines global warming as an increase in the temperature of the 

earth’s atmosphere and is much as a result of gases produced when people burn charcoal, 

coal, oil and other forms of fossil fuels hence the gases trapping the heat from the sun in 

our atmosphere. The author mentions one of the gases that are much causing this effect as 

carbon dioxide. Further, this book provides remedies to global warming which includes 

reducing the amount of gases put into the atmosphere.

Source #2: Bruce E. Johansen, Global Warming in the 21st Century, Praeger, May 

2006, Web November 11, 2015.

This book is critical mass of evidence that global warming is dramatically exerting 

negative influence and effects over air, land and sea temperatures with very disastrous 

effects on flora, fauna and the human nature. The author commences the book by laying 

down the basics of global warming. Candidly, Bruce discusses the science behind 

changes in climate and defines what exactly climate change is all about. To achieve this, 

he deepens his research by borrowing up different pieces of scientific research that have 

been made towards global warming. In addition, he tells much about the issues and global 

warming complexity mentioning the opinion of the public. In addition, Bruce talks about 

the weather and how global changing is causing significant changes in weather giving the 

change in hydrological cycle as one of the examples of weather changes. The book 

discusses the climatic change in the artic and mentions how the temperature rise owing to 

global warming constitutes the Antarctic ice melting. In addition, the book discusses the 

warming of the sea showing hoe sea level is rising and how it consequently affects 

marine life. Bruce also highlights the extinctions that might come as a result of global 

warming and discusses the effects of global warming to human health. However, the 

book culminates in giving solutions for the problem, classifying the solutions to global 

Source #3: Paul Stein, Global Warming: A threat to Our Future, The Rosen 

Publishing Group.

The author in this book seeks to attack global warming through the teenagers. ‘Global 

Warming: A threat to Our Future’ is a science book that much explores the many ways in 

which global warming affects, influences and changes the daily weather, and 

consequently altering our climate in the long-term and gradually offers newchallenges to 

the way we live. The book identifies industrial activities as the main cause of runaway 

greenhouse effect and shows hoe global warming, a chief contributor to the greenhouse 

effect, will soon lead to uncontrollable temperatures which will pose a significant threat 

to life on earth. The book further discusses the greenhouse effect and how it significantly 

works towards raising the temperatures. Not only to human beings, the author is critical 

on the way global warming is gradually causing an imbalance on the ecosystem, affecting 

fauna and flora negatively, and how this imbalance will soon affect the human life. For 

instance he highlights global warming as the main cause of flooding due to rising sea 

levels and how this has affected the climate owing Antarctic melting courtesy of 

increased temperatures. The book much expounds on the possible threats that we may 

experience as a result of global warming. To wind up the book, the author talks about the 

possible remedies which can help deal with the possible threats that can be caused by 

global warming.

Source #4: Joshua P. Howe, Behind the Curve: Science and the Politics of Global 

Warming, University of Washington Press, 2014.

Why has it been so hard to find a long lasting solution for global warming? In this book, 

Behind the Curve, Joshua Howe seeks an answer to the above question. Howe explores 

the long history of global warming from the very origin as a scientific curiosity to its 

place at the center of international environmental politics. This book closely follows the 

history of rising carbon dioxide as illustrated by the Keeling Curve, through a number of 

historical contexts with a closer highlight on the relationships among environmentalists, 

politicians, and scientists over time. The author explains how the nature of global 

warming has privileged scientists and how carbon dioxide has gradually risen to 

constitute the increased rates of glob al warming. The book highlights that the increased 

global warming problem is not getting any better with time and how it will soon reach an 

uncontrollable point. the book offers a very critical and levelheaded insight at how the 

earth has got to this point and menace of global warming. The book further shows the 

causes of globalwarming and how it has been a challenge stopping it owing to political 

and economicchallenges. The book culminates by giving suggestions on how we can deal 

with climatic change.

SOURCE #5: Mark Maslin, Global Warming: Causes, Effects, and the Future, 

Voyageur Press, 2007.

The planet earth is warming at the fastest rate ever with global warming showing up as 

the greatest threat that humanity may ever face. Maslin seeks to ultimately explain global 

warming and provide undeniable evidence that global warming is real and happening. 

This book seeks to examine out the impacts of climate change as a result of global 

warming on health, agriculture, coastal regions, water resources, wildlife and forests. The 

author also seeks to see the future through the eyes of global warming highlighting how 

hard it has been counteracting the problem. the book appreciates the efforts in place to 

counteract the growing effects of glob al warming and how if adapted, we can change the 

problem for a better earth to live in. this book is resourceful for it discusses the global 

warming problem from the causes, the effects of it, and predicts the future with the 

current rates of global warming. However, the book also gives remedies on how to deal 

with the problem such that the effects will not persist, and if they do, they will be menageable 

Essay #3: Research-Based Position Paper

Assignment Overview
Students will write a well-developed research paper on the contemporary issue that they have identified in their Proposal of Research and Annotated Bibliography. The paper should be a work of critical analysis, meaning that it should formulate an original and compelling argument about the subject matter and should support that argument with relevant evidence and sound reasoning. The central argument of the paper should correspond clearly to one of the three argument types described in lecture: Causal, Evaluation, or Proposal.

Assignment Outcomes
• Identify and explain a specific contemporary issue that is relevant and compelling for a specific audience of academic readers.
• Develop a well-constructed thesis statement that responds to the issue and corresponds to one of the three argument types described in class.
• Organized a sustained argument that is sensitive to expectations of the academic audience for the paper.
• Use multiple types of evidence/support in developing the paper’s argument.
• Use library databases to find appropriate source material.
• Distinguish between academic and non-academic sources and use different types of sources in appropriate ways.
• Integrate source references, including direct quotations, using signal phrases (attributive tags) and parenthetical in-text citations (choose either MLA or APA format).
• Synthesize source references from more than one source.
• Significantly revise material from previous work on the issue (Rough Draft of Research Paper)
• Construct a properly formatted works cited page using either MLA or APA guidelines.

Length: 2,000-2,600 words.
Format: Follow MLA or APA guidelines.
Source Usage: Six sources, at least four of them academic, peer reviewed. The paper must show mastery of crafting and developing an argument appropriate for an academic audience. Essays must demonstrate effective summary, paraphrase, and quotation using signal phrases and parenthetical citations for attribution. The paper must synthesize an array of academic sources in support of its central argument. Essays must include a properly formatted works cited page with six full bibliographical citations.


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Annotated Bibliography Prompt: Researching a Contemporary Issue

Annotated Bibliography Prompt: Researching a Contemporary Issue

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