Ancient Maya Writting Assigment 2

Ancient Maya Writting Assigment 2. Ancient Maya Writting Assigment 2. Writing Assignment #2

For your second paper I would like a complete report on a Maya site. You should argue what role your topic played in either Maya politics or religion. You should find at least five outside sources for your paper in addition to class texts. These sources should be well integrated and properly cited: Author Last Name Year: Page #s (examples: Houston and Inomata 2009:72; Taube et al. 2010: 24). Your references should be scholarly publications from reputable academic sources. This does not include title page, figures, bibliography, etc… You should write your paper in Times New Roman 12 pt font. There should not be an extra space between paragraphs (this will count against page length). Margins should be no more than 1” per side. Your paper is due via





The top is the assignment sheet provided with my teacher. I spoke to my teacher and the best site to do research on is the SAN BARTOLO MURAL CITE. I would like to have the outline of the paper WITH CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT and which sources you are going to use before you write the paper so I can show it to my teacher for approval. The sources for this assignment needs to be scholar and well credited. I can get you any source you want if you provide me the name of it. I will as well talk to my teacher and get some useful sources from him. Please understand that my teacher is very passionate about ancient Maya people and it is impossible to bullshit him and on top of that I will be turning this paper through TURNITIN.COM and I do not want to get in trouble. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarifications. Thank you as always.


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Ancient Maya Writting Assigment 2

Ancient Maya Writting Assigment 2

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