analyzing race and ethnicity in a US city

analyzing race and ethnicity in a US city. analyzing race and ethnicity in a US city. Write a 5-8 page double-spaced (normal font and margins) paper analyzing race and ethnicity in a US city of your choice. You may focus on a specific group for part of your paper but you must situate that discussion within a broader explanation and analysis of the overall portrait of race and ethnicity in your city. The contours of your paper are largely up to you, although you will be graded on how thorough and thoughtful of an analysis you have provided. Your paper should provide some analysis of demographics, politics, and economic and social issues (education, employment, housing) with regard to race and ethnicity as they have emerged in your chosen city. At a minimum, you will want to consider the ethnic and racial distribution in and within your city (are groups equally distributed across the city) and how these have emerged over several decades. How are the major racial and ethnic groups different in terms of their residential distribution, socioeconomic profiles (whether income or education or employment), or otherwise? Make sure to focus on finding the patterns overall, rather than specific isolated instances (however, there may be critical instances that reflected or transformed racial dynamics in your city and these should be discussed). Make sure to make sensible comparisons (percentages rather than raw numbers) and match your analysis to the specific geographic unit you are referring to (ie Los Angeles (city) versus a city within Los Angeles, versus a 5-country metro area)


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analyzing race and ethnicity in a US city

analyzing race and ethnicity in a US city

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