Analyzing Images

Analyzing Images. Analyzing Images. (Question 1:
Cultural relativism is the view that “right” just means “what is right according to a given culture” and “wrong” just means “what is deemed wrong by a given culture.” If so, then “right” and “wrong” are not universal truths and even though action x really is wrong according to culture Y is may be “right” according to some other culture. Actual examples are sometimes offered as “proof” of this theory, for example, the fact that while it is “wrong” in some cultures to eat dogs it is okay in others. Other examples are the way women are required to dress, methods of punishment, forms of government, and male/female circumcision practices. After reading over our text’s discussion of this theory (p. 283), provide your thoughts about the viability and/or acceptability of this theory of morality. Are you in agreements with cultural relativism? Why or why not? Whatever your position, please provide at least one cogent argument in support of your views.)


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Analyzing Images

Analyzing Images

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