Analysis of the film “About Time”

Analysis of the film “About Time”. Analysis of the film “About Time”. SIGNATURE ASSIGNMENT: UNDERSTANDING MOVIES

PURPOSE: Using the skill set learned throughout the semester, you will analyze a film.

TASK: Analysis of the movie “About Time” From Director Richard Curtis

In 6-8 pages, your paper must answer the following questions in the form of a critical essay. ALL POINTS MUST BE INCLUDED IN YOUR ASSESSMENT! If you don’t touch on all topics of discussion points will be deducted. They don’t need to be in the exact order listed here as long as they are discussed, except the thesis should be presented in the first paragraph. Include your personal constructive critiques as well.

CRITERIA: There is a requirement of 3 sources to be cited in your paper using the MLA format. The textbook may be used as 1 source. (Understanding Movies, Louis Giannetti, 13th Edition ISBN-13: 978-0-205-85616-9)
a. What is the main topic of discussion or central thesis of YOUR essay?
b. Who are the main characters of the film?
c. What is the main story about?
i. Summarize the Set up/Conflict/Resolution
d. What types of social issues are brought up in the film?
e. Does your film choice have any commentary on contemporary American
i. What specifically?
f. Does your film choice reflect a culture/society different than your own? i. Is it relatable to you or your culture/society?
ii. Write some comparisons/contrasts.
g. What is the underlying ideology of the film? (ex. Gender, Religion, Class, Race
h. What genre is your film?
i. Does it hold true to the conventions of its genre?
i. Style: What treatment does your film choice fall under? Classical, Realist, or
Formalist? Give examples.
j. Aesthetic: How are the following techniques used to emphasize the story and
i. Cinematography
ii. Mise en scène (elements)
iii. Symbolism
iv. Movement
v. Editing
vi. Sound

OUTCOME: Demonstrate your knowledge of the preliminary language of film through analytical and constructive personal critique. In a complete written body of work you will show how film is a relevant medium in the current generational lexicon, social constructs, and cultural constructs.


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Analysis of the film “About Time”

Analysis of the film “About Time”

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