– Analysis of a Nursing Unit

– Analysis of a Nursing Unit. – Analysis of a Nursing Unit.  This assignment must be submitted to the course supervisor via the D2L Dropbox
 See the Assignment Schedule for the due date
 Length of assignment – 15 pages (excluding title page, reference list, and appendices)
 Cite all references using APA 6th edition format
This assignment provides you with the opportunity to apply your observations and experiences
as well as the course content in analyzing and evaluating the nursing setting where you are
completing your clinical experience for this course. Using a framework of structure and process,
you will critically examine how the service is organized and functions.
Marking Scheme
 Define the type of health care services provided both in the agency and in your clinical
 Summarize the type of organizational structure–include an organizational chart with the
lines of accountability and communication clearly identified (2 marks)
 Discuss the formal culture, of your organization and the informal culture of your unit
(4 marks)
 Describe how your organization is funded (3 marks)
 Describe the work of the clinical setting using an organizational theory in this course
(5 marks)
 Apply the decision-making process to demonstrate how nursing decisions are made and
comment on the effectiveness of the decisions (4 marks)
 Analyze an example of a recent change that occurred using a linear theory of change
(5 marks)
 Define and give examples of the types of power used in the organization and on your unit
(4 marks)
My clinical was in a hospital with liaison nurse
Also add formal and informal leadership
The formal culture is related to the published vision, mission, values of the organization. The informal culture of the unit are the nuanced values, beliefs, and assumptions that govern the practice on your unit. These may or MAY NOT be consistent.
The theories are going to be related to Organizational theory of leadership theory.
cited with APA only scholarly article


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– Analysis of a Nursing Unit

– Analysis of a Nursing Unit

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