An organization’s culture

An organization’s culture. An organization’s culture. Overview: For this assignment, learn about an organization’s culture and try to identify key skills and characteristics employees must possess to be successful. Written summaries should be 400-600 words and will be shared on a discussion board with instructors and classmates. Between the chapter and online materials, it should be clear by now that organizational culture is communicated in many ways. This assignment is a short start to what could evolve into preparation for a job interview, career exploration and planning, and/or a company culture report. Our goal with the assignment is to do some exploratory research. What can we learn about an organization’s culture through relatively simple and public/open-access means? Steps: Choose an organization that is interesting to you. Do some exploratory research and see what you can find out about the organization. Start with the company’s own website. Pages that may be particularly useful include: about, history, mission, press releases, media, recent news, etc. Find two additional sources (or more) of information that are not published by the company itself. Your sources do not both need to be traditionally published sources (although, this is perfectly fine); one source does need to be published and accessible. Consider as many relatively quick and easy ways to gain some insight as you can. For instance, time spent observing inside of a Starbucks might reveal some aspects of the company culture. Areas of insight might relate to branding, symbols, and/or interpersonal, organizational, and public communication. Be creative, spend a bit of time (but not an inordinate amount of time) and see what you can learn. Summarize what you learned for your classmates (and after you post, learn from your classmates’ posts). Include the following in your written posts to earn full points: Introduce and briefly orient the reader to the business or organization. Describe your methods/process of investigation (how did you decide where to look for information and what did you do?) Explain your findings (what did you find out?) Discuss implications of your findings for one wishing to engage in a business relationship with this particular company or organization. Address communication, culture, and employee skills or characteristics. Support assertions with examples, explanations, etc. Include references 400-600 words In addition to your name, the name of the organizations selected should be part of the subject line. Write professionally. Use proper language and punctuation, and organize your content. Include specific examples/references from online class content to support your statements in your discussions of each prompt.


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An organization’s culture

An organization’s culture

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