Algorithm. Algorithm. 5) suppose that, in Algorithm 2.1 (line 4), the splitting function is changed to mid low Explain the new search strategy. Analyze the performance of this strategy and show the results using order notation.

6/ write an algorithm that searches a sorted list of n items by dividing it into three sublists of almost n/3 items. This algorithm finds the sublist that might contain the given item and divides it three smaller sublists of almost equal size. The algorithm repeats this process until it finds the item or concludes that the item is not in the list. Analyze your algorithm and give the results using order notation.

7. Use the divide-and-conquer approach to write an algorithm that finds the largest item in a list of n items. Analyze your algorithm, and show the results in order notation.

9. Give the tree of recursive calls in Exercise 8. Notice ” using Mergesort 2 ”

19) Use Quicksort (Algorithm 2.6) to sort the following list. Show the actions step.
123 34 189 56 150 12 9 240
Notice ” see Table 2.2, page 67 ”

20. Give the tree of recursive calls in Exercise 19. Notice” see Fig 2.3, page 66 ”

The book’s name is :
Foundations Of Algorithms 5th Edition
by Richard Neapolitan


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