Aitchison’s Chapter

Aitchison’s Chapter. Aitchison’s Chapter. Aitchison, Chapter 15 (217-228) also describes some typical characteristics of Pidgins. Provide a clear, detailed summary of Aitchison’s Chapter
Then select any five lines from these texts. (Do not use the one(s) that have been discussed in class)
Copy the lines that you selected and provide your own gloss AND your translation neatly underneath the selected lines. Alternate a line from the text with your gloss and translation. There may be some words that you do not know how to translate. Do the best you can and point out any sections that remain unclear.
Discuss any typical pidgin characteristics that you have found in the segments that you selected. Describe at least one syntactic or morphological characteristic, one phonological feature and one lexical characteristic.


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Aitchison’s Chapter

Aitchison’s Chapter

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