Airline Safety or Aviation Safety Preferred but open to suggestions.

Airline Safety or Aviation Safety Preferred but open to suggestions.. Airline Safety or Aviation Safety Preferred but open to suggestions.. The Proposal
The proposal is the most important component of the Capstone for several reasons.
First and foremost, the project cannot proceed until the proposal has been approved by the
college department representative. The proposal requires a consistent effort and hard work
from the student beginning on day one of the course. Students should address feedback from
the assigned faculty member in a timely manner. If there are questions, students need to take
the initiative to get answers and make the requisite corrections. Communications are
essential in this part of the process. While the student’s proposal is undergoing review the
instructor should allow the student to begin gathering data and information related to the
approved topic(s). The instructor should not, however, allow the student to move forward
with the development and writing of the Capstone paper or presentation until the proposal
receives final approval.
The Capstone review process should be focused on the following:
• The student includes the required components of the template
• The student’s proposal contains the correct POs for their program
• Proposal demonstrates the student understands each of the POs
• Proposal addresses HOW the project will demonstrate an understanding of each PO

• Proposal contains sufficient information and data to ensure the student will
successfully demonstrate each aspect of their applicable POs if conducted as
• Proposal includes the generalized sources of information that will be used to
answer the PO (not just simply saying the internet or Hunt library). This
information will provide insight into whether the student has sufficient understanding
of the sourcing of information and data required for each PO in order to provide
sufficient evidence that the student can successfully meet the overall Capstone
requirements. An acceptable example would be “student expects to obtain the
necessary information and data for demonstrating the PO from the aircraft
manufacturer’s certified emergency procedures, from the Federal Aviation
Regulation, Parts 91, 121, or 135, or from commercial carriers’ Standard Operating
• APA style has been followed and the paper is written in the third person.
The challenge found for the student in the Capstone proposal process is in identifying
and communicating how the POs will be addressed and demonstrated successfully. Remember
that the proposal is the student’s “research roadmap”, detailing what will be done, how it will
be done, and what material will be used to do it. Once this task is complete and students have
developed the roadmap for conducting the Capstone that the proposal is intended to provide
them, they are more adept at continuing with their work towards a successful Capstone. The
Capstone paper itself is where the student actually does what he or she has previously proposed.

It is important to turn in a Proposal that this as complete and correct as possible to expedite the approval process. Please make sure that you address all four of the mandated objectives individually for each of the 11 PO’s. Give your Proposal a thorough proof read to assure that it is indeed as complete and correct as possible before you send it to me.

1. The student understanding of the PO. This should be as simple as one sentence in which the student explains his or her understanding of the PO.

2. How the student will demonstrate his or her understanding of the PO as specifically related to the student’s project topic.

3. What information and data the student expects he or she will require to successfully accomplish Objective No. 2 (above) for each PO.

4. From what sources the student expects he or she will be able to obtain the information in Objective No. 3 to successfully accomplish Objective No. 2 (above) for each PO.


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Airline Safety or Aviation Safety Preferred but open to suggestions.

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